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International travel is Lawson Travel’s forte.  Through the years we have earned a reputation for offering outstanding prices and experiences from all travelers; but especially where international travel is involved.  From our start, the bulk of our business has come from international travel to diverse locations all around the world. 


Our highly skilled travel professionals have the ability to discover and schedule routing possibilities where less skilled agents are hopelessly stumped.  Additionally, Lawson Travel offers steep discounts on international travel due to our unique supplier relationships.  Whether you are interested in uncomplicated international itineraries, to complex, multi-city destinations and Around-the-World fares, Lawson Travel guarantees the lowest published fares. 


You will see more of the world with Lawson Travel!

Cheap Business Class Flights Tickets


Our established partnerships with multiple airlines enable us to offer the best rates to fly anywhere in the world.  These rates are not offered on travel discount websites or any consumer platform.

Cheap Business Class Flights Tickets


Planning International travel- especially for the first time- can be a headache for any family or couple. That’s why it’s a great idea to trust knowledgable travel experts to create seamless, memorable vacations without the hassle and worry of planning it on your own.

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Lawson Travel offers amazing rates for top-rated accommodations throughout the world.  These rates are often less than you can find on any other platform, since we build relationships with hotels and in turn, get amazing rates.

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Our team of qualified experts have the knowledge, experience and professionalism that you deserve.  All of these play a part in bringing you a higher quality travel experience that is unique, well-planned and budget-friendly.

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