For any purchase between the customer and the company ‘Lawson Travel’, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement as set out below and to the terms and conditions of the air carrier, hotel, car rental company, tour operator or other supplier of travel services which are applicable to the travel services being purchased by the customer from the travel services provider. The customer acknowledges having had the opportunity to review the terms and conditions of the travel service provider prior to completing the purchase of travel services.


While booking your reservation, make sure to provide your details (Name, date of birth, gender) as mentioned on your Passport or government issued ID, whichever is applicable. For more information, refer http://www.tsa.gov/SecureFlight


Please note that all fares are subject to change without notice. Lawson Travel is not liable for any fluctuation in price or change in the schedule of any travel service.

Payment & Cancellation

The customer is required to pay at the time of purchase for all his/her bookings, that can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards. All fraudulent purchases will be investigated and prosecuted.
To be able to make a purchase, the customer is requested to authorize the payment on the following link:
Our Credit Card authorization link: http://www.ccauth.lawsontravel.com

Cancellation penalties for purchased travel services vary depending on the travel service provider. Be aware that heavy penalties may apply for changes or cancellations. Also depending on airlines offerings, tickets may be nonrefundable. Our regular service fee charge of $75 is charged up front to begin the cancellation/refund process.

Baggage Allowance

The customer must consult the terms and conditions of the applicable airline for restrictions on the number and weight of baggage. Please check the free baggage allowance with respective Airlines websites or ask the Agent. Several Airlines have reduced the free check baggage allowance to 1 bag free and 2nd at charge. Additional baggage fees may apply based on the airline you have selected.
In the event of damaged, lost or delayed baggage, please contact the applicable airline representative prior to leaving the airport. Failure to do so will invalidate the customer’s claim. Lawson Travel will not be liable for any damaged, lost or delayed baggage.

Travel Documents

Proof of citizenship (Passport) is required for international travel (for most countries outside of the United States). Please note that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you meet the passport, visa, and/or health requirements of the countries you wish to visit and those that you transit. Your Passport has to be valid for at least 06 months for Travel. Please call respective embassy for any transit visa requirements.

Travel Insurance

For your protection, we strongly recommend that you purchase Travel insurance for all your trips. Travel Insurance is optional and completely depends on the requirements of the customer.

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