Five Essential Reasons to Book A Trip With A Travel Agency

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Five Essential Reasons to Book A Trip With A Travel Agency

Over the past ten years, the number of online travel arranging services has soared, and every website promises to offer the cheapest deals and discounts in the Market.

However, booking trips online presents with various challenges which include hidden charges that you never get to see before check out, unbundled airline fee, non-refundable pieces in the Itinerary and much more that pushes the consumer to search more and more to find the best. Planning and booking trips online still prove to be a time-consuming activity.

But there is one thing that we always miss using to nearly always ensuring a good deal, i.e., Contacting our Travel Agent.

Inspired by Our Travel Expert Lisa, we’ve put together a list of the 5 reasons why you should always contact your agent for travel bookings.

They’re likely to get you the lowest price possible.

Agents have access to additional discounts provided by airlines/hotels. Agents provide this discount to their customers to provide lower rates. Sometimes, at a given point, these prices are lower than the Airlines prices itself due to the reserve quotas that Travel agencies get to enjoy in advance.

They can save your time and effort

They gather requirements on your travel such as travel date, time, budget expectations, etc. and do all the research to find out the best deal for you. Travel agents help you save time and effort by canceling the need of going onto multiple booking websites.

They’ve got better connections than the Internet.

Travel agencies have one to one connection with airlines and hotels, and hence they can always take care of your needs. They are always available to assist you with any issues with your travel experience.

They’re especially great at finding group discounts.

Agents give additional discounts to customers who wish to travel in groups. Agents work with airlines and hotels to provide additional discounts to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

They’ve the ability to answer questions about your safety/security.

Agents have vast experience in this industry and hence can answer any safety/security related questions. They have access to right resources to provide all the information you need to make your trip a memorable experience.